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From the Desk of Mrs. Leonard

- Art Teacher

“A child’s mind is much more creative and artistic than any coloring book allows”
-Teaching Strategies

Art is an important part of our curriculum. Each week students are engaged in creative discussion and activities that are designed to introduce the visual arts and its role in Christian education. Drawing, painting, pasting, modeling, and construction are not only enjoyable but also provide important opportunities for learning. Through the creative arts students:

1) Express original ideas and feelings.

2) Improve their coordination.

3) Learn to recognize colors, shapes and textures.

4) Develop their fine motor skills.

5) Develop a heightened awareness of math and reading concepts (ie: sequence recognition, addition, cause and effect, number and letter recognition, comprehension).

Our students develop a sense a pride in their accomplishments and always look forward to sharing their experiences with you.

Art is a very easy way to bring your child’s school life into your home. Your child is very excited to discuss what he has learned. One of the most beautiful gifts that God has given us is our sense of sight which allows us to see and appreciate Art daily through His glorious wonders.

Expose your child to art at home. When you read books together – talk about the illustrations. When you clean the house – talk about the different colors that surround the interior and exterior of your house. Art is as simple as the color of the earth and its abundance of flowers and animals to the complex details of buildings and machinery. Visit a grocery store, museum, theater!!! Even better, you and your child – get some simple art supplies – lots of newspaper – and just paint anything that comes to mind – you’ll be so glad that you did!!

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